St. Francis Electric Management
St. Francis Electric maintains a well-oiled team of both experienced and loyal employees that are passionate about the firm’s focus in the market.

Bob Spinardi , President

Mr. Spinardi grew up in the business, starting work as a shop-boy and advancing to president. He is a graduate of St. Mary's College with a degree in business administration. After his graduation in 1972 he started full time employment at St. Francis Electric. In 1974 he took over managerial duties. He has managed the Company continuously since that time. He is a past president of the Engineering and Utility Contractors Association and is presently a trustee for the Electrical Contractors Trust of Alameda County. He is the co-chairperson for the joint management negotiating committee with the Laborers Union.

Randy Krebs, CFO

Mr. Krebs joined the St. Francis Electric team in 2004. The Company was in the process of restructuring due to Tom Spinardi's retirement. Mr. Krebs perfected the software system the Company uses for its daily operations and trained key personnel enabling them to advance to new managerial positions. He now deals with the Company's banking, taxes, financial planning, and future financial models

Joseph Medeiros, Vice President & Operations Manager

Mr. Medeiros began at St. Francis Electric in his early twenties as a laborer formerly with Cal-Neva Construction. He steadily advanced to operator, job foreman, superintendent, and now operations manager. He has attended several managerial workshops and has developed numerous contacts and relationships throughout the Northern California Construction Industry and is recognized as a fair and competent person to deal with. His duties include overseeing all aspects of field operations, AT&T estimating, and coordination with the Company's administrative department. The area superintendents, purchasing department, and equipment repair shop report directly to him.

Guy Smith Vice President, Estimating

Mr. Smith oversees the estimating department and began at St. Francis Electric as a general laborer and electrician's helper in 1997. He formerly owned a small construction company specializing in residential and small commercial buildings. It was quickly apparent to upper management that this employee possessed exceptional skills in understanding job costs and computer expertise. He was personally trained by Thomas Spinardi as his assistant estimator and advanced to chief estimator upon Tom's retirement and has held that position since then. During that time he has written special computer programs that specifically address the Company's type of work. In addition, he is well known and popular with the estimators for the general contractors the Company services.

Sharon Florea-Basset, Vice President & Corporate Secretary

Ms. Basset is a graduate of the University of Nebraska. She began at St. Francis Electric in 1986. Having previously worked at in the same position for a mechanical contractor, she immediately automated the administrative department and has directed its development since that time. Her responsibilities include accounts receivables and payables, contract administration, and to coordination with auditors.